Alagol, Almagol and Ajigol wetlands

Beautiful wetlands with rich biodiversity

In west of Atrak watershed in the north of Golestan province, 3 wetlands are almost near each other named Alagol, Ajigol and Almagol. They were registered in 1975 in Ramsar convention.The name of these wetlands in Turcoman language are respectively Colorful Lake, Apple Lake and Bitter Lake.

Images of Alagol,Almagol and Ajigol wetlands

The natural environment

Water Sources of alagol, ajigol and almagol include:rainfall and surface water in watershed and Atrak river Alagol,Ajigol and Almagol respectively are 2500,207 and 320 hectares. Depth of those is between 1 to 4 meters. Average of annual rainfall is 250-300 millimeter. There are different aquatic and littoral plants in wetlands. They have a diversity of flora including: Phragmites australis, Thypha latifolia, Cyprus, uncos latifolia, ets.

Images of Alagol,Almagol and Ajigol wetlands

Animal species

There are more of 14 endemic and exotic species of fish for instance crap. As well as there are about 100 species of birds like swan, different species of duck, gray pelican. These wetland are habitat of native turtle also that is habitat of some mammals like Turcoman fox and desert gerbil (a kind of mouse).

Human environment

Complex Alagol wetlands have provided different services include: flood control, prevent erosion, increasing of wet and prevent to make dust, preservation of biodiversity. In addition these are various profit from point of economical and society for instance: tourism, water supply for agriculture and fishing, handicrafts and things like that.


Factors of wetlands threatening include human and natural factors like destroying of plant, illegal hunting, introducing exotic specious, lake of understanding, overharvesting and drought.

Vistor center

There are a visitor center near of the Alagol wetland that has been cunstructed with participatory between local people and conservation of iranian wetlands project.  Aim of this center is helping to raise of Participation of local comiunities and Convenience for tourists. there are different information Brochures in it. The name of this visitor center is Gormani Gechma(That has meant Do not pass befor  seeing in Turcaman Language).


Gormani Gechma visitor center

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